Cosmetic Surgery Tip #6: Ask to see their work


Ask to see examples of your plastic surgeon’s work. Seeing photographic evidence of the results that can be achieved will help you to establish realistic expectations, but it will also give you an idea of the capabilities of the practitioner.  But do make sure that these are not generic pictures of the manufacturer; make sure it is the work of the plastic surgeon themselves that you are seeing.

Photo Credit: Saul Steinberg “Masquerade”

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2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Surgery Tip #6: Ask to see their work

  1. What annoys me is not being able to view pictures of the doctor’s work unless you pay for a consult. This can mean paying many hundreds of dollars to find a doctor whose work you are comfortable with. It’s really off-putting.

    • Hi Catherine, If you head over to our website we have multiple before and after photos for the majority of our procedures. If you go to the procedure that you are interested in you will see the before and after galleries in a slider towards the top of the page 🙂